Professional expertise

I got my start as a technical writer doing traditional technical writing and pivoted to more of a solutions marketing focus over time.

My writing and marketing expertise includes the following:

Bylined articles

I’ve written bylined articles for major technology news sites such as TechTarget about DevOps, IT operations, and the cloud. Intermittently during my career, I’ve also written bylined articles for corporate-sponsored content sites by companies such as IBM and Samsung.

Technical content

Starting as a technical writer, means technical content comes easy to me, mainly when the content describes the benefits of cloud and emerging technologies. My technical content experience includes developing documentation, training, and playbooks for new systems.

Corporate blogging

My experience with writing, content strategy, and online publishing enables me to help with corporate blogging, especially regarding editorial calendars and writing. I also have experience coaching and mentoring non-writers tasked with contributing to their corporate blog.

Thought leadership

The concept of thought leadership has fans and detractors throughout the technology industry. It’s well deserved. I combine my experience writing for technology publications and working in the IT industry to offer a pragmatic and realistic perspective to thought leadership, helping craft messaging that educates and delights prospective customers seeking solutions to their technology and business pain points.

Collaboration tools

I’m a long-time collaboration geek, having helped organizations make the best use of collaboration platforms such as SharePoint Online and Atlassian Confluence. My collaboration expertise includes relaunching collaboration tools to best support teams seeking a single source of truth for project information.