Industry thought leadership

When I talk about thought leadership in the context of marketing and content, it comes from direct experience. I’m regularly quoted in vendor-sponsored articles published on IDG sites. Here are some examples:

“Generative AI is a trend to focus on if you’re in a content- or documentation-heavy business. The early generation of these tools shows potential for generating customer correspondence and even standard operating procedures as AI advances.” – Will Kelly (@willkelly), writer and product marketer focused on DevOps and the cloud

Three Strategies that Empower Employees

Employing this strategy empowers an organization’s IT team to protect the corporate network from a wide range of threats, according to Will Kelly (@willkelly), a writer and analyst. “My best advice for protecting at home devices starts with a solid and robust mobile device management (MDM) solution and supporting processes. An MDM automates operating system updates, security patches, virus scanning, application updates, and device security configuration, such as setting a lock screen.”

Three Keys to Protecting the Corporate Network in the Era of Hybrid Work

Will Kelly (@willkelly), content and product marketing manager focused on the cloud and DevOps, added: “Running a network that supports a hybrid workforce requires the capability to scale and optimize network access via wireless access points up and down to meet fluctuations among hybrid workers who come into a corporate office to work. Such scalability driven by AI makes a lot of sense.”

Seize AI-driven Opportunities to Solve Hybrid Work Challenges

With AI powering anomaly detection, organizations will experience efficiencies in security, says Will Kelly (@willkelly), a content and product marketing manager focused on the cloud and DevOps, “When AI steps in to automate certain network management and security tasks while improving data collection and reporting it can save time for AI-savvy network teams who are strategic in implementing an AI driven network,” Kelly asserts.

How AI-driven Networks Can Ramp Up Operational Efficiencies